Woodgrain Art Lesson

Shifting Perception

Similar to Linoleum Art, Woodgrain Art requires a shift in perception to see figures in something like a closet door or desk drawer.

Here is an old desk drawer and what I see in it. I used the Pen tool in Illustrator to draw the shape and then copied and pasted it as a Vector Smart Object into Photoshop for more effect options.

Further, I elaborated more on the image by giving it a face and then creating a female version…and so on.

5-Step Artist

  1. Find a piece of wood anywhere…desk, closet, cupboard, flooring, tree, driftwood.
  2. Get into a relaxed state in a quiet corner or room.
  3. Explore the area and notice what shapes and/or images stand out for you by allowing your eyes to go out of focus and letting your mind be drawn into it.
  4. Take a photo of the area or trace the outline through paper directly on the surface and scan it into the computer.
  5. Open it in your favourite image editing software and use the Pen tool to draw the shape and/or add more detail and effects.

1-Step Further

  1. Use your gleaned design as a base for more elaborate works.